School Day’s HQ English Walkthrough

I Pre-ordered School Days from JAST yet due to playing other Visual Novels and other commitments I have not yet got around to making a complete walkthrough for this game (Are any of my walkthroughs complete?) Well regardless I’m releasing a very early version guiding you through some of the routes available in the School Days HQ English release.


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  1. looking forward to you completing this walkthrough. it’s a mess of a game, really. (funnily enough, my in-game route plan is the same as yours, with the same ending lol.)

    it was so weird when that short haired bitch was claiming I was dating sekai but I was 100% focussed on kotonoha from the beginning. they should really playtest their game.

    • Yeah I noticed that the you can get to an ending and have phrases come up which refer to something you haven’t done. It must be from an alternative way to get to that end but still, it should have been checked. There is also the bug where the game can crash if you are playing the game in full screen at a higher speed setting. But the worst one (well I believe it’s a mistake) is when Sekai is telling you to talk to Kotonoha more and the choice is ‘I’ll tell her next time’ instead of I’ll talk to her next time’.

      Thanks for the comment, I suppose I should put my WoW on hold and finish the last route in My girlfriend is the president and get back to mapping School Days. I don’t like the idea of just rushing through them and not getting the story so It takes a few hours for each route (hoping I get a different ending of course).

      • Trying Sekai route now and really, this game is wack. The bad translation of choices and that speedcrash is one thing, but I just got to a point where I was going to tell Kotonoha I’m going out with Sekai instead.

        choosing to say ‘Sekai and I are…’ results in points for *Kotonoha* and Sekai cuts me off, starting to talk about the lemonade. However, if I choose to talk about the lemonade I get points for *Sekai* but she gets mad at me afterwards. wtf! I know women are weird like that in RL but that’s not what I’m playing a eroge for lol.

  2. I know, when I first played it I kept going back on choices to try and max out the score with one girl and you don’t know which way it will go from the choices you’re given. On a side note It sems I didnt move over replace the route under Christmas eve with the proper route or make the change for the sex friend ending from everyone’s Makoto. Cum outside at the very end instead of waiting for the Sex friend ending and the Christmas eve route is below. I’ve already corrected them on my walkthrough here but I want to get a few of these bad ends on the walkthrough too before putting a new version up.

    Christmas Eve
    So what?
    Manga Cafe

    I think Sekai…
    I’ll eat alone with Katsura
    …said we should eat by ourselves
    Tell me
    It was fun
    …trying to tell me something important?
    I’ll try calling her
    Sorry about today…
    Now you won’t be cold
    You smell nice

    Don’t worry about it
    Why did you wait today?
    I should move my hand

    That’s why I’ll stay away from you
    This isn’t right
    How are you?
    Regretting what happened
    Confess your love?!
    Who told you that?

    That’s right
    Are you a Virgin?
    It’s my first time too
    Ask Kotonoha to put it on

    I’m sorry…
    Kiss her
    That Kotonoha
    Don’t go

  3. i know im late.. WAY to late!! but the reason why the girl with short hair cut, think you date sekai is cause the first episode of the game go to FAST…. think like you was eating with sekai every lunch during 1 month and just after that you meet katsura… its why EVERYONE think sekai date otou…

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